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I went down to The National Wedding Show at The NEC in Birmingham. It was a brilliant lively event with an amazing catwalk shows of the latest trends and styles. Here I have noted some top tips that Kelly Mortimer gave a talk about.  
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The Ceremony

  • Consider these aspects to the ceremony…Start Time, Seating, Guests Parking, Music.
  • The Goomsmen – have a person ready with the buttonholes so they all match in the same area of the suit!
  • Photography – consider a no photo policy in the church otherwise your aisle shot will be full of peoples arms holding their phones and ipads, is that what you want to treasure forever?
  • The aisle, Groom decide if you are going to turn and look at your bride or stay looking at the front and then look at her as she arrives. You don’t want to keep turning and panic what your supposed to do.
  • Decide what order your bridesmaids will go in, usually most confident one first, and where they will be seated later on.
  • Have a “fluffer” a person who sorts your veil out and your dress down the aisle and maybe with photographs
  • Plan whether you will have a confetti shot or not, so the photographer can be ready and get guests sorted, and whether the venue allows this.
  • Flowers/bouquets should be carried in line with your belly button, so it looks relaxed and natural.
  • Consider older guests and pregnant guests when arranging your seating.
  • Have a Rain back up plan
  • Consider beverage bar and how your going to do it will you put money behind the bar and once that runs out the guests pay etc (also is a great idea for when you go off with your photographer to keep guests mingling and happy)
  • Have a photography must have list with helpers
  • Make sure theirs a path to your top table when you make your enterance
  • Let the man lead you into dinner
  • Consider kids activity packs to keep them entertained, a cheap £ colouring book etc 
  • Consider what you want to save from your wedding as once the cleaners come in at night everything gets binned unless you state to your venue what you want to save.
  • consider having a sheet which has all your important contacts on, key times, menu etc for key members of family or bridal party so you don’t have the stress and you can easily ring your hair & make up person etc