Goat Scar in Longsleddale, Cumbria

Longsleddale sits between Haweswater and Kentmere it is a nice valley, hidden almost apologetically off the A6 north of Kendal. It is also quiet because those not in the know can see no reason to go there; there is no pub or settlement and there are no mountains to climb, and it’s a ‘one way in one way out’ kind of road.

The famous Postman Pat that we all knew and loved when we were growing up is partly based upon here. Greendale, the village where Postman Pat delivers his mail, may be a model but it’s based on Longsleddale near Kendal. The narrow, twisting roads and sheep frequently featuring in story lines are a giveaway that it’s Cumbria. Postman Pat’s creator, John Cunliffe, dreamed up the stories while he lived in Kendal.


It was a nice Sunday afternoon in January so we decided to go out and get some photographs of the fells while there was still some snow around after snowing on the Thursday night (12th Jan). Goat Scar & Grey Crag & Great Howe are far Eastern Fells in Cumbria. Goat Scar is 626 metres high and Grey Crag is 638 metres high and Great Howe is 494 metres high. The landscape subtlety changes from the craggy fells of the central Lakes to a moorland, grassy landscape more akin to the Pennines and the Howgill Fells. Here are a few photographs from the road trip out…





© Louise Thompson Photography 2017, all rights reserved.











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