Why Choose a Professional Photographer for your Wedding?

Why Choose a Professional Photographer for your Wedding?

Today I want to talk to you about photography and the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer, as opposed to letting a friend with a good camera do it, or leaving it to your guests to photograph the day.

Time and time again I hear about people choosing to let a ‘friend’ do their wedding day photographs or that ‘Uncle bob’ is doing the photographs for us.  This is all well and good and you may feel that you will be saving money by doing this, but in the long run I can guarantee you will be disappointed. Your photos are the only lasting memory you will have of the day, and if they don’t turn out as you wanted them to you will be devastated, and it may cause the good memory to turn into a bad one. 


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Many people when they first start planning their wedding they start researching prices of various suppliers and often they may think that a photographer comes with a hefty price tag; ‘they only do one day’s work ’ or ‘their job is simple I could do that’ ‘its just pressing the shutter’,  well think again!! A Photographer will meet with you for an initial wedding consultation (or at least I do), we then have email contact with you before the wedding and make sure the plans are the same, we will listen to your plans and answer your questions, in some cases acting as an unpaid wedding planner. Then on the day of the wedding we will be with you for the day (or length of your wedding package). After this we will edit your wedding, going through the hundreds of images we take and cutting it down to a reasonable amount of images for you to have/look through. All these images will be edited individually, this  takes time a lot of hours. After this we will design your wedding album (if you have chosen this option), another day or two worth of work. Not only is there the time there is the cost of running our photography business and the insurance we pay and the equipment expenses we have. All in all wedding photography isn’t cheap because it isn’t a cheap business to set up, run or maintain.

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So here are some reasons why I believe you should hire a professional photographer and not go with your friend or relative:

  • Most people can snap a good picture now and then, but when life’s most important occasions are unfolding in the moment, it’s best to get a professional photographer and see the difference it can make.

  • Your friend or relative who’s decided to take your wedding photographs is more likely to get distracted and not get the important photographs you want.

  • Just because ‘Uncle Bob'(relative/friend) owns a great camera doesn’t automatically qualify them to be a pro. I know, surprising right?! There’s a lot more that goes into taking beautiful images than just having the gear. Also a friend/relative is emotionally involved in the activities of the day.

  • A relative/friend won’t carry back up gear, a professional will.

  • What if your friend/relative is ill on the day? Will they call someone to fill in or just abandon you on your big day? A professional will have a back up plan.

  • A friend/relative won’t have insurance if something went wrong, a professional will.

  • A friend/relative won’t always know how to light a dark room/venue, and then go outside into the light, this requires us to monitor light constantly and react by changing various settings…or is the relative stuck on auto! A pro can adapt quickly.

  • Choose a photographer that you love, not just one that saves you money. so look at there work and make conversation. 

  • As a professional photographer its our duty to make our clients look and feel amazing in the final images, a relative will be less interested in angles and posing.

  • IMPORTANT: The photographs are all that is left to visually remember your wedding day.

  • A professional photographer gives you peace of mind. A relative will make you stressed on your big day worrying if they are getting some photos and not just chatting to other relatives.

  • Professionals capture the important photographs and details of your wedding, because they have a trained and creative eye.

  • Style is a component in why you choose a professional wedding photographer. If you let a relative, who is an amateur take the pictures, what style do they have?

  • A professional photographer will have experience, experience in photography and an experience in knowing how the day might plan out and how to help.

  • A professional photographer prides themselves on customer satisfaction, a relative is doing you a ‘favour’ so they won’t be as bothered at the results afterwards.

The list could go on! These were just a few examples, their will be many more reasons why you shouldn’t cut costs and go with a relative as your photographer. Photographs tell they story of your life and hiring a professional photographer will allow you the memories that you can tell others the story about for a lifetime. 



At the end of the day, you want to be thrilled with your photographs, not regretful that you hired a friend/relative with little experience. 

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