Holly – The Chocolate Lab


Meet Holly.,the likeable chocolate lab who is still full of beans despite getting old. I photographed Holly in December (2016) at the Millennium Wood in Old Hutton, near Kendal. 

Tony and Liz (her owners) had been meaning to get a photo shoot of Holly for a long time and they decided to do it before Christmas and chose me to get some lovely photographs in time to send to the children/grandchildren for Christmas.


Like all Labs, chocolates possess a sweet, soft demeanour. Eyes truly are the window to the soul of a Lab. Kind and friendly, their eyes tell the whole story of this engaging, outgoing breed. Their intelligence, gentle ways and adaptability account for their popularity as family dogs. Holly is a lovely natured lab who is so playful and runs around after her favourite toy…a pink Frisbee! It was a delight to photograph Holly, so well behaved and obedient making my job easier! I am pleased with the results. 


Update/ Testimonial: