The Daffodil Hotel’s Festive Afternoon Tea

The Daffodil Hotel’s ‘Festive’ Afternoon Tea

The Daffodil Hotel & Spa is set within a picturesque Lakeland village of Grasemere, packed with things to discover. There’s art, history and culture around every corner, plus unique places to shop, explore and of course indulge in a much needed coffee and cake! Or alternately a piece of the famous Grasemere Gingerbread hmmmm yum! 


Aren’t these snowmen the cutest!!!

 Me, my mum and my sister went out for the afternoon, we had a stole into Grasemere first and stopped by the Gingerbread shop as mentioned above. We then headed to The Daffodil Hotel & Spa for our afternoon festive tea! 


The talented Pastry Chef, Sarah Howe creates an artistic yet generous contemporary Afternoon Tea featuring the very best selection of local produce and of course, their very own freshly baked cakes and scones.

This was the ‘Festive’ Afternoon Tea as it was the Christmas menu so it’s a bit different to the normal one…or I assume anyway! 


Mountains of mini scones line the bottom, onto the moose styled Christmas trees and donut balls and mince pie style macaroons etc. I also enjoyed the Vanilla & Jelly Panna Cotta on the top level along with a bake-well tart. We also had an selection of sandwiches and quiches before we stuffed ourselves with cakes! 


My sister eyeing up the Afternoon Tea

I was a little disappointed that it was a slow service we had been sat down waiting for approx 45 min for the afternoon tea. Some items weren’t to my taste but you can’t always like everything. Overall, it was a nice day out and good company which is all you need!