Craft Fairs-Great Success

Review on this years craft fairs:

As per my earlier Blog Post about where I was doing craft fairs this year HERE I thought I would tell you all how they have gone.

My first craft fair was way back in November on the 12th a Saturday. It was a wet morning which eased by the afternoon. This is a little craft fair probably my smallest in terms of the place and footfall as it is a little village hall. I found it to be quiet compared to two years ago when I first did the fair. However that didn’t affect my stall and the products I had to sell, people loved my cards and calendar and I sold two frames which was great, which are going to be Christmas presents for her two children.  

Following on from New Huttons Craft fair, I did Queen Kathrine Schools Christmas Craft Fair on the 16th November. It was an evening event from 6pm – 9pm after school time, there were plenty of children from the school taking part in selling items to raise money for charity as well as stall traders. I found the footfall on the night was poor, it was a cold evening and heavy showers so I think that might of put people off. It wasn’t one of my best craft fairs and it was my most expensive stall to pay out of all of them. I was disheartened from this night but I bounced back!

Recently, I’ve done the Old Hutton Village Christmas Craft Fair. This is my favourite of them all because it’s in the village where I grew up and it brings back so many fond memories as the craft fair takes place in the village hall next to the school I used to go to. It was also a lovely day because I took my grandmother to the event, she’s 82 so it was a nice day out for her and to see many faces she hasn’t seen for a while, she had a glow to her that day for sure. I did very well at this event and sold at least 4 calendars and various greetings cards as well as other little pieces.

My Final Craft fair was held at Crosthwaite Memorial Hall, near Kendal, Cumbria. Its a nice craft fair to attend with children from the school singing on stage to christmas carols and prizes for the best dressed christmas costume and so on. A wide range of stalls from local meats to crafts like cushions to christmas decorations to wreaths and of course refreshments available with mince pies. yum! I maybe didn’t do as well as I normally do their but it was still an enjoyable day, and a huge difference from the year before being when Storm Desmond happened. Read my blog about that HERE.  

All in all I have enjoyed doing this years craft fairs and I have learnt a lot and will develop this for next year. Many Thanks to all those who have bought from me at a craft fair and also bought a photo calendar!