Mini Shoot Christmas Offer

This Year I decided to launch a christmas offer! So far it’s been brilliant! I’ve got six photo shoots to do all before Christmas! Three have been completed and my next ones coming up soon.

It brings great pleasure to capture your little ones, no matter what challenges happen on the day, and to know that my work will hang in a grandparents home with pride or your own home is such a rewarding feeling.

The Offer is as below…

xmas-mini-shoot-ltpChallenges I’ve faced so far include…

  • The weather – Rain!
  • The Weather – Coldness = Numb Hands!
  • A teething child who wanted to cling to mummy
  • A child coming down with a cold who was a little cranky
  • A child who had tears streaming from their face and screaming at the top of their lungs
  • Learning the attention span of a child, and how they refuse after a short time

All in all, perseverance and patience paid off and I did manage to get some lovely photographs of each and every child/teenage I’ve photographed so far. The feedback I’ve received confirms the delight from parents of their children’s photographs from the photo shoot and the service I provided.  

I only have Saturday the 10th Afternoon and Sunday 11th anytime left to book! (Kendal, Cumbria Area) Email: 

Here are some examples of the photo shoot’s I’ve done so far! Aren’t they so cute!


Boys will be boys!



Adorable Autumn Woodland Shoot


Natural Photographs Outdoors


Cutie and she knows It

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