5 Minutes With: Georgina Cole

Here’s another interview with the fabulous Georgina Cole who is currently based in Silsden, West Yorkshire with her business The Crafty G where she knits, stitches, does embroidery and rugs…you name it she can do it!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business:                                                                        I’m 24, I live in Silsden and I have always been keen on crafting. I mainly knit, but I patchwork and embroider too. I love creating custom pieces for people, I love the designing and picking colours as much as I love seeing the final product, whatever it may be!

Take us through your typical day or Art Process:
The dog always has to be walked before I can even dare to pick up any knitting or designing, and once that is done I’m free to do as I please! I usually have a few projects on the go, and I tend to swap between them, doing bits of drawing in between. I don’t have much organisation unfortunately!
Where do you do your work?
 It depends, usually sat on my bed or downstairs. I don’t currently have a desk area but at the moment I’m stuck for room! When I get ‘in my zone’, I often tend to make a lot of mess!
What is the one thing people might never guess about you?
That’s a tricky one! I’m a real perfectionist, sometimes fretting over work for hours over the smallest thing. I find this sometimes stops me from progressing as much as I can, so I’m learning to get on with things and learn from mistakes as I go along.
What is the one thing you always make time for?
My horses. I am a passionate horse rider, and I love to spend sunny days on horseback, where as my winter days are spent knitting in front of the fire!
What brings you joy in your day to day life?
Walking my dogs, seeing my finished pieces as I make them, it’s the little things that count.
Who/what inspires you as a crafter & Knitter?
My mum first and foremost. She has always knitted, creating amazing jumpers and felted handbags, and she always says she has ‘created a monster’ in me! We discuss types of wool and knitting styles and bounce ideas off each other, and she has taught me so much.
Is there a piece of work you are most proud of?
 My most recent a blue Fair Isle knitted hat, a custom piece for a friend. It took a week or so to design it, and then about 2 months to complete. I am incredibly proud of this hat, and the customer is very happy!
Any events you’ll be trading at?
Unfortunately not currently  but I am always knitting and creating, and I take on any commissions people might  have for me to complete.
Have you any tips for people aspiring a crafter & knitter like yourself?
KEEP GOING! It will take many hours of trying and failing, undoing and redoing, but you will eventually get there. I promise.
Learn more about Georgina and find out more on her Facebook Page HERE 
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