May Bluebells

Have you ever walked through a bluebell wood in full flower? If you have, you will remember it as one of the most sublime landscapes you have ever known. This year the bluebells are exceptional: they seem to have spread and flowered everywhere. Below are the magnificent array of bluebells taken near where I live in Cumbria.

Wordpress Woods 02

In early spring, woodland flowers emerge on the woodland ground, they form dense carpets of blue where they bloom, just as the trees are coming into leaf, drawing our attention to the them they are just bursting with life.

The bluebell woods of Britain are said to boast some of the most spectacular displays of spring flowers in Europe and I for one can never fail to be impressed and stunned by the sheer beauty of such sights. The peak of the bluebell season here is usually around the last week of April to the first week in May. This year it was the second week in May when I went to this woodland. Winter weather can affect the timing though and a very cold spell earlier in the year can delay the flowering.

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