Sark Island: Meet George Guille


Sark Island: Meet George Guille

Born in 1937 George is a resident of Sark Island and has a vast family tree connection with the island dating back to 1200’s. George takes visitors around the island in his boat called ‘Non Pareil’ which was launched in 1982 and has been going ever since then, he’s a lovely man and has great knowledge of the Island.

Navigating around Sark with its strong tidal streams and rockery I imagine is not for the faint hearted but George makes it look effortless, he skimmed past some rocks and took us into some narrow caves also points out the wildlife and seabirds on the journey round such as Oystercatchers.

(Cat Rock, small caves to discover on the trip round the Island)

I enjoyed the trip with my sister and we happened to be the only ones for that time slot, It’s a great way to see the island from the sea perspective, La Coupee (the narrow road that joins Sark with Little Sark) looks very different from the sea along with spotting rocks that look like cats or hands or shoes. You’ll be left wondering how you can discover the beaches or caves you’ve just witnessed going round.

(La Coupee from the sea, and the lighthouse- bottom right)


(Sark Island Map)