10 Random Facts About Me…

10 Things You (Perhaps) Didn’t Know About Me…

1.      I have a First Class Degree in Photography
2.      I love Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread (Find out more here: https://www.grasmeregingerbread.co.uk/)
3.      I have a fear of heights, and get jelly legs if I am up high somewhere!
4.      I’ve photographed the Queen, when she visited The Lake District in 2013.
5.      I’d choose my wellies over high heels any day!
6.      I adore puppies & dogs and dream of the day I can finally get my own companion. I’m that person that will go to a party/friends house and play and stroke the dog for most of the night!
7.      Yup…that means I watch a lot of dog videos! Follow @animal addicts & @Doug the Pug & @UNILAD & @I Hate Battery Low … (I could list more!) on Facebook.
8.      I’ve travelled to a few places which includes: Mexico, Germany, Sark Island, Paris, Majorca, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. Here in UK includes: Brighton, Eastbourne, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, London, Newcastle, Edinburgh …to name a few, all by the age of 22! Where next I hear you ask!? Well, I’d like to discover Estonia and the Isle of Mull.
9.      I play table tennis. I’m in my local League in which I’m in the top division out of four and happen to be one of the few girls who actually play in my area.
10.  I love Pinterest. I love wasting hours trolling through the variety of categories it has to offer, with it being a visual imagery site- it suits me to a T. I pin a load of quotes if your interested check it out!