Instax Mini 8 Camera

Quick Tips on using the Instax Mini 8 Camera

  1. Load the camera from the back following the film packet/camera instructions
  2. Press the button near the lens to turn the camera on and brings out the lens.
  3. Looking down at the camera lens you should see a orange light appear on one of the settings e.g. indoors symbol. This is to adjust the brightness for your photos. House symbol means inside/indoors will flash, cloud for cloudy weather at about F16 in terms of photography, sun symbol for sunshine outside with a few clouds at about F22, full sun symbol for sunshine and bright day at about F32. The shutter speed on these cameras are fixed at about 1/60 sec. 
  4. The button near the flash is how you take the photo. It then pops up at the top of the camera.                                                                                                                                                      Ta – Dah, easy right!!
  • I think with polaroids you have to make sure your subject is well lit as the detail can sometimes be lost within the photo once its taken or on the opposite scale you don’t want to over expose so just remember to change the brightness setting its mainly trial and error.
  • It is a small polaroid film at approx 85 x 54mm so go in close to your subjects and fill the frame, detail tends to get lost at distance.
  • Make sure the background is what you want with your subject, film costs money so each one is precious, you don’t want someone photo bombing you or a burred person walking by or a bin etc… so be wise to what you see around your subject. 
  • Be creative, theres a variety of different films for this camera from coloured rainbow packs to spotty film to comic book style so have fun with it! 
  • For landscape shots don’t be afraid to tilt your camera so the film will be landscape too.
  • Take a picture of a picture! Share your polaroid snaps online by taking a photo of your polaroids and uploading to Facebook/instagram etc…
  • Buy film stickers to stick on your polaroids
  • Get creative!!

Examples of different film packs: (shop around for the best prices!!)

Rainbow, Film Pack HERE                                                                                                                              Letter/Air mail, Film Pack HERE                                                                                                                    Whinnie The Pooh, Film Pack HERE 

I’m sure I’ll do another post on the mini 8 polaroid camera sometime in the future…